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How Much Does a Balcony Cost in the UK?

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    Whether you’re in the market for a commercial or residential balcony, you must evaluate its cost implications before deciding on a style. The cost of a balcony can vary significantly based on many factors. Therefore, it is crucial to weigh up these elements against your budget constraints to select a system that doesn’t break the bank.

    In this article, we explore these cost-influencing factors – from materials, designs, and planning permission – to help you make an informed decision. Read on to learn more!

    Different Balcony Materials

    Here at Gatehouse Architectural, we provide balcony balustrades in a range of different materials, including mild steel, stainless steel, toughened/laminated glass, and frameless glass systems.

    Each of these selections comes with its own unique upfront and maintenance costs.  For example, glass balustrades, while offering a modern look with unobstructed views, often carry a higher average balcony installation cost compared to mild steel. However, investing in this style can greatly increase your property value.

    Your choice of material can also affect long-term upkeep, depending on whether it is situated inside or outside. For example, mild steel can be a cost-effective choice for internal use. For external use, we would always recommend an additional zinc-rich primer undercoat or galvanizing for a long-lasting corrosion-resistant finish (our mild steel systems have a powder-coated finish in a colour of your choice and any future damage can be easily touched up with a matching metal paint spray).

    By comparison, a grade 316 satin polished stainless steel system offers equally long-term corrosion-resistant properties and durability, and in turn benefits from periodic cleaning with lint-free cloth and a light oil or lubricating agent such as WD40.

    It’s important that you balance your budget with the desired aesthetic and practical longevity to make the most out of your investment.

    Types of Balconies and Their Costs

    Beyond your material choice, the style of your chosen system can drastically impact the cost of your solution.

    We offer a variety of systems, a few of which are listed below. Each type comes with its unique characteristics and price points, depending on its design and functionality.

    Ultimately, the demands of every project are different, and the price of your final balcony will depend on your unique requirements. To gain an accurate quote, we recommend contacting our expert team today.

    The prices below are approximations and are inclusive of materials and labour. If you don’t require labour, then you should explore the option of self-installation.

    Juliet Balconies

    Characterised by their shallow design, Juliet balconies are essentially a guard railing attached to the building’s facade, without a standing platform. They are typically used to offer edge protection, enhance the aesthetic appeal of a building and allow more light to enter a room.

    The financial investment involved in purchasing a Juliet balcony can fluctuate significantly. Factors influencing the cost include your choice of materials, design complexity, location, and the potential need for planning permission. In 2024, the price range for smaller Juliet balconies generally spans from £250 to £3,000

    This estimate is for ex.works, supply only and does not include delivery or installation. We can consider and advise on this separately, based on quantity, location and access amongst other things.

    This type of balcony is ideal for a touch of elegance without extensive structural alterations. When planning, consider the design of your system carefully, as more intricate designs and higher-quality materials can drive up the cost. Nevertheless, when executed correctly, a Juliet balcony can considerably boost your property's value.

    Juliet Balcony

    Walk Out Balcony Costs

    By comparison, Walkout balcony structures extend from a building, offering the chance to enjoy additional outdoor space in which to stand or be seated. 

    If you’re considering adding one, material choice, size, design, and balustrade type together with additional features like furniture or planters will have an impact on your cost.

    We use sustainable materials for decking our walkout balcony structures and all other materials steel, glass etc are recyclable.

    On average, you can expect to pay between £2,500 and £5000, though the design complexity and inclusion of features – such as the type of balustrade – can obviously affect the final price. All costs considered, additional outdoor space is very desirable, and a Walkout balcony can add considerable value to your property. To get a more accurate quote, unique to your specific needs, get in touch today.

    Several Walkout Balconies

    Atrium Balconies

    An atrium balcony refers to the surrounding walkways or balconies overlooking the central hall in a multi-storey building. Typically, these balconies allow for a unique vantage point to enjoy the natural light flooding in from the glazed roof of the atrium. In doing so, they blend the indoor and outdoor feel while remaining under the cover of the building itself.

    Cost-wise, they are similar to Walkout balconies but could include additional charges due to certain indoor environmental considerations. For example, these might require more detailed architectural planning and potentially costlier materials, to make sure they effectively utilise and enhance the natural light of the central space.

    Here at Gatehouse Architectural, we can offer you a bespoke service which ensures you a cost-effective system for your requirements. To learn more, and to gain a unique quote, get in touch today

    An atrium gallery installed in Worcester City Square

    The Cost of Balcony Planning Permission

    If you’re planning to add a balcony to your home in the UK, you might wonder if you need planning permission.

    If you do, then the cost of obtaining this permission can typically range between  £172 and £206, depending on the size of the balcony and your property's location (according to CheckaTrade).

    Does a Balcony Require Planning Permission?

    Building structures over 30cm high require local authority approval and therefore, with the exception of Juliet styles, most balconies do not fall within permitted development.

    The need for planning permission for balconies depends on factors including their size and location, and we suggest working with a consultant or architect to avoid non-compliance issues. Alternatively, for help with this follow the following link:

    Or contact our design team for guidance and advice.

    As stated above, if you are looking for a simple window/door guard that does not require planning permission, consider a Juliet balcony. These systems frequently qualify as permitted development due to their floorless design. However, there are still conditions surrounding Juliet balconies that you should be aware of.

    If you require planning permission, you should adhere to balcony regulations and consider the following factors:

    • Privacy Concerns: Discuss the installation with your neighbours first. If it overlooks their property, find a position that reduces intrusion into their space.
    • Light Obstruction: Solid-floor balconies could cast a shadow on the rooms or gardens below, causing them to become overshadowed.
    • A Lack of Precedent: If balconies are uncommon in your area, securing planning permission might be tricky due to a lack of guidelines.
    • Listed Buildings: There are specific regulations concerning modifications to heritage or listed properties.
    • Architectural Compatibility: If the proposed balcony doesn't blend with your home's current aesthetic, it might pose a problem when seeking planning permission.
    • Fall Safety: To prevent accidents, you must have a safety railing that is at least 1,100 mm high. Furthermore, the railings should be designed such that a sphere with a diameter of 100 mm cannot slip through.

    The Different Types of Balcony Installation Costs

    The overall cost of your system will be heavily influenced by your choice of installation method.

    You can opt for a tradesman quote, where professionals handle everything, or you might consider self-installation to potentially save on expenses.

    Each option comes with its own set of costs and requirements, so it's important to evaluate which best suits your budget and skills.

    Tradesman Quote

    Depending on the tradesman's experience, the complexity of installation, and your property's location, balcony installation costs can range from £1,000 to £5,000 (according to CheckaTrade).

    When you get a tradesman quote, you should expect to be provided with an end-to-end solution. Thus, this price is not just the labour cost; it also covers the average cost of materials and additional fees (like planning permission).

    Remember, the more intricate your balcony design or the higher the quality of materials, the higher the cost. It's also important to check whether your tradesman is including all costs upfront to avoid any unexpected expenses. Always make sure they're reputable and can handle the specific requirements of your balcony installation. Here at Gatehouse Architectural, we frequently work with architects and tradesmen to provide bespoke, high-quality balcony solutions


    While hiring a tradesman can guarantee quality, tackling balcony installation yourself can greatly reduce costs if you're skilled and understand the safety requirements. 

    When you're installing a balcony on your own, you'll need to invest in high-quality tools and materials. Be aware that applying for planning permission could potentially extend your project's timeline and make sure that you adhere to all safety and building regulations.

    If you’re opting for this method, we recommend exploring our ZuBalustrade range of balcony balustrades. Here, we can provide bespoke or off-the-shelf balcony systems, made from a material of your choice and ready to install. Explore our range of balcony balustrades now to find out more.

    Ultimately, the cost of your balcony will be influenced by a variety of factors, such as the type of balcony, materials used, planning permission, and installation methods.

    In considering these things, it’s important that you make a well-informed decision, to ensure that you select a balcony system which meets both your budget and design requirements.

    Looking for a balcony? Whether you’re looking to install it yourself or use a tradesman, Gatehouse Architecture has you covered. We provide a range of bespoke and off-the-shelf balcony balustrades at an affordable price. Our expert team is always ready to assist you in finding the solution that perfectly fits your needs.


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