Our Standard Handrail & Balustrade Systems

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    Mix & Match

    All Our Balustrades Can Be Supplied With a Selection of Handrails...

    ...in a variety of materials. We have supplied and fitted many mild steel powder coated balustrades with polished stainless steel, hardwood handrails or vinyl capping and provided wall mounted handrails to match.

    • Infill panels can be supplied in plain or perforated plate, toughened glass, and stainless steel tensioned wire.
    • All finishes catered for, from primer coated to polyester powder coated or polished stainless steel.
    • With all our Balustrades safety and security are combined with good design to provide buildings with an enduring feature.
    • All designs meet the relevant British European Standards and Building Regulations

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    ZuBar Balustrades & Handrails

    Our standard functional and cost effective balustrade, widely used on stair cores / escape stairs. Having a tubular handrail, the balustrade is fabricated from mild steel, fitted with vertical bar infill panels and is usually supplied in a powder coated finish in a standard colour of your choice.

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    ZuGlass Balustrades & Handrails

    Our standard stainless steel glazed balustrade system. Manufactured with a satin polished finish, the stainless steel tubular balustrade posts and handrail are supplied with profiled clear toughened glass infill panels.

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    ZuLine Balustrades

    Our standard balustrade similar in construction to ZuBar balustrade but equipped with horizontal infill rails or wire rope infill. Fabricated from either mild or stainless steel and available in various finishes this balustrade can be either side fixed or top mounted.

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    ZuPlex Balustrades

    Similar in construction to ZuBar and ZuLine balustrades ZuPlex incorporates either solid or perforated plate infill panels. Fabricated from either mild or stainless steel and available in various finishes this balustrade can be either side fixed or top mounted.

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    ZuRail Handrails

    Our standard wall mounted handrails. Generally a circular tubular handrail fitted with our standard wall brackets designed to follow the line or angle of your corridor or stair and supplied in easily manageable sections.

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    ZuTrac Frameless Glass Balustrades

    Our standard frameless glazed balustrade system. Structural glass panels are housed in a cast aluminium track, either top mounted or side mounted with concealed fixings.

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    Our Standard Balustrade Systems - FAQs

    While we offer an end-to-end solution – manufacturing balconies and staircases – our ZuBalustrades range is our unique off-the-shelf selection of balustrade products.

    Our ZuBalustrade products are distinguished by their unique design and quality, offering a variety of options to meet diverse aesthetic and practical requirements. Unlike other systems, our ZuBar infill panels are detachable and modular, allowing for easy transportation and on-site installation. By comparison, our prefabricated solutions allow for quick on-site installation, for when you are working to tight product deadlines

    Available in numerous material types, the ZuBalustrades range is suitable for both residential and commercial projects, providing innovative and robust solutions. If you’re looking for a distinct and dependable balustrade solution, we recommend exploring our products or getting in touch to chat with our expert team.