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    What is a Spiral Staircase?

    Spiral staircases are characterised by their circular or polygonal shape that winds around a central post. These are available in various designs and structures – for example, a square spiral staircase is a variation which maintains a square shape as it spirals around its post. Its design typically features steps attached to its central axis, allowing for a unique and aesthetic appearance. 

    These structures have several advantages – balancing style and function –  which make them a popular choice in modern and contemporary settings.

    What is the Difference Between a Spiral and Helical Staircase?

    Square spiral staircases are often compared to helical staircases, but the two differ in distinct ways which impact their purpose and ideal applications.

    As mentioned, a spiral staircase features a central post supporting the steps, creating a tight circular, square, or polygonal design that maximises space. In contrast, a helical staircase lacks a central column, resulting in a void in the middle as the steps ascend.

    The distinction between the two lies in their structural support systems: spirals rely on a central column for stability, while helical staircases use other means to support their steps, offering a more open and flowing design.

    The choice between a spiral and helical staircase depends on your desired aesthetic, space considerations, and structural preferences. For help deciding which structure best suits your project requirements, get in touch with our expert team

    Spiral prefabricated steel stairs

    What are the Benefits of Square Spiral Staircases?

    Our square spiral staircases provide benefits which make them suitable for a range of project requirements.

    Known for balancing style and function, spiral staircases are a great solution for optimising space in projects with minimal floor space or tight corners. Their aesthetic appeal, winding style, and customisable features also make these staircases a popular choice and can serve as a memorable feature of any room.

    Our square spiral staircases offer unmatched versatility – and can be created from a range of materials and used for both indoor and outdoor applications. From an outdoor fire escape exit to a stylish indoor feature staircase, we have you covered.

    Here at Gatehouse Architectural, we recognise that the demands of your project are unique, that’s why our staircase structures are customisable. We provide a mix-and-match service, allowing our customers to pick the materials for their structure, balustrades, and handrails which best fit their requirements.

    An outdoor square spiral staircase manufactured by Gatehouse Architectural

    Our Square Spiral Staircases

    While we provide bespoke solutions, our ZuBalustrades range is our off-the-shelf solution for standard requirements. As part of this, all of our spiral staircases adhere to UK regulations, following Approved Document K and BS 5395-2.

    Steel Spiral Staircases

    Our standard steel staircases are constructed from our ZuBar range – vertical mild steel balustrade infills. This solution is available in a range of finishes and colours, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Standard Glass Spiral Staircases

    Our standard glass staircases are constructed from our ZuGlass range – stainless steel tubular balustrade posts supplied with profiled clear glass infill panels.

    This solution maximised the flow of light throughout a room, enabling complete visibility. Our glass panels are generally supplied in 10mm thick toughened glass, and can be supplied in a tint, for a pop of colour or increased privacy.

    Frameless Glass Spiral Staircases

    For a touch of elegance and sophistication, we recommend our ZuTrac range – our frameless glass balustrade system. Here, glass panels are housed in a cast aluminium track.

    Wire Spiral Staircase

    Perfect for outdoor environments, we suggest our ZuLine range – our balustrade system equipped with horizontal infill rails or wire rope infill. These systems can be fabricated from either mild steel or stainless steel.

    Mesh Spiral Staircase

    Our ZuPlex range is our mesh balustrade, fabricated from either mild or stainless steel and available in various finishes. As part of this, these balustrades can either be side-fixed or top-mounted to meet your requirements.

    This is a low-maintenance solution suitable for all types of commercial and industrial environments. They can be finished in a colour of your choice to complement your surroundings.

    Staircases for Indoor and Outdoor Use

    The design and structure of your staircase should be impacted by its location, intended purpose, and anticipated volume usage. 

    For outdoor use, our mild steel balustrades can be powder coated in a colour of choice to protect them from the elements. Alternatively, our stainless steel structures are composed of infills available in grades 304 and 316, ensuring your staircases can withstand the elements. 

    We also have vast experience providing staircases for indoor use. To learn more, we recommend exploring our steel staircases and viewing our case studies.

    Handrails and Balustrades for Every Requirement

    Our mix-and-match service means you can adapt and combine several of our ranges to best fit your project. This allows for the customisability of being able to select the balustrades, handrails, and stair treads that fit your needs.

    As part of our staircases, we can provide handrails built into the system, or wall-mounted (as part of our ZuRail range).

    Installing and Transporting our Spiral Staircases

    Here at Gatehouse Architectural, we understand the importance of efficiency and will provide a spiral staircase which best suits your needs and timeline.

    For example, our standard ZuBar balustrade infill posts are detachable, making them easy to transport and install. Alternatively, we also provide prefabricated staircases for when you are working a tight on-site deadline and require a fast installation time.

    For help choosing a square spiral staircase which fits your unique needs, get in touch with our team today.

    A Spiral Staircase Manufactured and Installed by Gatehouse Architectural

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