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    A glass frame walkout balcony

    Our Balconies

    From an off-the-shelf to a bespoke product, we offer a range of balustrade balcony systems for all requirements.

    Whether you require a single Juliet or walkout balcony; or have a terrace, atrium or walkway that requires edge protection, we can work with your design or offer our own high-quality standard products to enhance your project.

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    Several Walkout Balconies

    Juliet Balconies

    A Juliet balcony is effectively a section of balustrade attached to a building’s façade, that provides edge protection in the form of a guard rail but offers no space on which to walk or stand. 

    Designed to provide an attractive barrier to an upper-storey window or doorway, we offer a range of standard Juliet balcony rails to suit various door and window openings.  Our standard Juliet balcony balustrades are available in a range of materials; including mild steel, stainless steel or glass, with a range of handrails, infills and protective finishes designed to last many years.

    The Juliet balcony handrails can be manufactured from a variety of sections including tube, flat or bar and fitted with vinyl capping or a range of soft or hardwood timbers. Alternatively, why not mix and match materials and create your own design? As an experienced Juliet balcony supplier, we are happy to liaise and turn your design into a reality.

    Walkout Balcony Balustrades

    A walkout balcony is an outdoor platform or extension attached to a building, typically at an upper level, that allows occupants to step outside.  Where a balcony is to become an extension to your living area and allow you to step into your own private outdoor space, we can design and manufacture the perfect product to complement or match the surroundings. Again, these systems are available in a range of materials and infill panels, offering long-lasting protective finishes suitable for internal or external applications.

    If you already have a support structure and require a balustrade, we can offer a quality product from an extensive range of balustrade designs or work with you and your designers to bring your ideas to life. Handrails can also be provided in tube, flat or convex bar or in a soft or hardwood timber of your choice.

    Do get in touch, we’re always happy to offer advice and suggestions. Over the course of our 23 years, we have manufactured and installed a great many balcony balustrades for larger developments, including apartment blocks, student accommodation, and educational facilities.

    Balcony Atriums, Galleries and Walkways

    An atrium gallery installed in Worcester City Square

    An atrium is typically a central hallway rising through several stories of a building, overlooked by balconies or walkways and often covered with a glazed roof.  These open areas within a building, and their surrounding walkways or balconies, offer a unique open vantage point to enjoy the natural light of that central space.

    Our range of balcony balustrades are found on many new and refurbishment projects nationwide, that include an atrium, gallery or walkway.

    All our balcony balustrades are designed not only with safety in mind but also to enhance the beauty and functionality of these central spaces. With our simple metal bar or perforated sheet infills, you can create a sleek and modern look, while our frameless glass balconies provide a seamless and transparent view.

    Gatehouse balcony balustrades have been widely incorporated to provide safe and attractive edge protection to upper floor as well as ground floor, internal and external galleries and walkways. Whatever your design requirements, we are happy to liaise and offer a range of bespoke or standard balustrades to help bring your atrium or gallery to life.

    Whether you prefer a contemporary or traditional design, we have you covered.

    Walkout Balcony Structures

    As well as providing an extensive range of balcony balustrades, Gatehouse Architectural manufacture the complete balcony package. On many projects around the UK, we have supplied bespoke balcony structures, designed and fabricated in accordance with the Architect’s or Main Contractors design.

    We also offer a variety of standard self-supporting or lean-to balcony structures. These balcony structures come in a range of modular sizes to suit standard door widths and desired depths. Our standard range of balcony structures are fabricated from mild steel structural box sections and available in a galvanized and powder-coated finish.

    The decking is a recycled composite material, and the balustrade is generally in grade 316 tubular stainless steel with toughened glass infill panels. These standard units are designed and supplied in kit form with all the necessary fixings and fasteners, and with the intention of self-assembly by a competent tradesman or builder.

    Our Balcony Balustrade Materials

    Whether you’re interested in a Juliet balcony, walkout balcony or atrium; our balustrades are available in a range of materials, depending on your project design requirements. This includes:

    • Our standard mild steel balustrades, available in a range of finishes;
    • Stainless steel;
    • Glass balustrades, with a stainless steel frame; 
    • Frameless glass balustrades;
    • Mild or stainless panels with perforated or mesh sheets;
    • Metal wire rope infill.

    We are able to offer a bespoke solution, using these materials to meet your various needs, ideas, and design requirements. Get in touch with our expert team to find out more.

    Looking For a Standard Off-The-Shelf Solution?

    Beyond our custom solutions, we also offer standard handrails and balustrades for those looking for an affordable and reliable off-the-shelf system. 

    If you’re looking for vertical bar infill panels, our standard ZuBar balustrade is an ideal off-the-shelf, cost-effective solution that provides a fast track, attractive edge protection to extensive walkout balconies, terraces, atriums and any other similar internal or external situations. Being a modular and adaptable balustrade system, ZuBar is simple to install and is easily adapted to any situation.

    Alternatively, if you’re looking for a balcony with glass balustrade infills, our ZuGlass balustrade is perfect for those looking for a stainless or mild steel balustrade system with toughened glass panels. Alternatively, our ZuTrac is our reliable and stylish frameless glass balustrade system.

    We offer a range of other off-the-shelf balustrades to meet your various design needs. Learn more about our standard handrail and balustrade systems here.

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    We have provided our services and products on many public and private sector construction and re-development projects

    Balcony Balustrade Systems & Structures

    Whatever the application we can provide you with the perfect balcony solution. Whether you require a single Juliet or walk out type balcony, or have a terrace, atrium or walkway that requires edge protection, we can work with your design or offer our own high quality standard products to enhance your project.

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