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    What is a Helical Staircase?

    A helical staircase derives its name from its resemblance to a helix. This unique design features a circular path that spirals around a central axis, which can be either left empty or filled with non-structural elements of the staircase.

    They are known for their aesthetic appeal, by twisting around a central point, helical staircases can offer a sense of sophistication and modernity to any space. Their sleek design and intricate geometry make them a popular choice for architectural projects where style and functionality are equally important.

    What is the Difference Between a Helical and Spiral Staircase?

    The key difference between helical and spiral staircases lies in their central support. A spiral staircase features a central column supporting the treads, while a helical staircase boasts a void in the middle, devoid of any central column. In terms of tread design, spiral staircase treads attach to their central pole and radiate outward, while helical treads are typically sandwiched between and supported by two stringers.

    Functionality-wise, spiral staircases are known for their floor and space-saving design. On the other hand, helix staircases are typically used as an aesthetic focal point in a room or reception area, requiring more space and a sizeable opening in the floor space to accommodate their grandeur.

    When it comes to cost, helical staircases are often more expensive than spiral ones due to requiring a higher level of construction complexity and material quality.

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    What are the Advantages of Helical Staircases?

    Compared to conventional stairs, helical systems offer greater safe-saving efficiency, coupled with a unique aesthetic appeal.  While they may require more space than their spiral counterparts, helical structures offer a stronger visual impact that strikes a balance between functionality and design sophistication. Their elegant curvature and intricate design make them a focal point in any space.

    Another key advantage of helical staircases is their versatility in various environments. Depending on their configuration, they can be designed for public spaces and high-traffic areas, as well as indoor or outdoor spaces. This adaptability makes them a popular choice for architectural projects looking to combine practicality with eye-catching design elements.

    For help choosing a helical system which meets the demands of your project, get in touch today to talk to our expert team.

    Spiral Glass and Mild Steel Staircase Balustrades

    Design Considerations

    Our helical staircases all adhere to UK regulations, as set out by Approved Document K and BS 5395-2. As part of this, the requirements of your stairs might differ depending on their intended use. These regulations split stair structures into five distinct categories:

    • Small private stairs: intended for a limited number of individuals who are familiar with the staircase.
    • Private stairs: for use within a single dwelling.
    • Small semi-public stairs: designed for a limited number of users.
    • Semi-public stairs: suitable for larger groups of people.
    • Public stairs: meant for large crowds simultaneously.

    Our expert team is available to help you choose the right system for your specific requirements which adhere to UK regulations. As part of this, the regulation specifies tread requirements, where the depth reduces from one side to the other, and should maintain consistent dimensions to ensure user safety.

    Our Helical Staircases

    We provide a range of balustrade, handrail, and stair structures in a variety of materials and designs. Explore our options below.

    Steel Helical Staircases

    Our ZuBar range is our standard functional and cost-effective balustrade, widely used on escape stairs.

    Made from mild steel vertical balustrade infills, when intended for outdoor use this is usually supplied in a powder-coated finish in a standard colour of your choice.

    Standard Glass Helical Staircases

    Our ZuGlass range is our standard stainless steel or mild steel balustrade system, supplied with toughened glass infill panels. This stairs system is perfect for maximising the light in a room, and our toughened glass infills can be supplied in a tint for increased privacy.

    This steel system can be made from 304 or 316-grade stainless steel, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

    Frameless Glass Helical Staircases

    Our ZuTrac range is our frameless glass balustrade system, featuring glass panels housed in a cast aluminium track. This is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your helical staircase, making it the focal point of any room.

    Wire Staircases

    Our Zuline range is our balustrade system equipped with horizontal infill rails or wire rope infill. 

    Mesh Staircases

    Our ZuPlex range is our balustrade system featuring perforated sheets or mesh panels. This is a low-maintenance solution suitable for various commercial and industrial environments.  

    To learn more about our ranges and to discuss which type best suits your needs, we recommend getting in touch with our expert team.

    Bespoke Helical Staircases for Every Application

    Here at Gatehouse Architectural, we offer a mix-and-match service, which allows you to customise your end product by choosing the balustrade infills, handrails, and stair treads which best fit your project needs.

    We also offer prefabricated stair solutions, for projects which require a fast turnaround time and fast on-site installation. Get in touch today, to discuss your needs in further detail.

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